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I just wanted to say thank you again for the great hunt on 11-29/11-30-2013. As you know it was my nephew Danny’s very first hunt and he had a great time. You and Rock were very good about answering his questions and telling him all about the various species we were hunting. His enthusiasm for hunting has grown tremendously due to your professionalism and attention to detail. I believe that you helped create a hunter for life, and I cannot thank you enough for that. The three of us enjoyed the two days we spent with you, Rock and the dogs. We are hoping to get our schedules arranged so that we can do it again next year. Once again, thank you for the work and effort you put into our hunt, it turned out exactly the way I hoped it would. Happy Holidays!

Pat J.

Fargo, ND

Capt. Jack, All the times that we have gone out fishing (6-7 times) we’ve caught fish!!! A great time was had by all!!! Big Tom.

Tom B.

Wakefield, MA

What a trip! Jack takes his fishing very seriously and a great day resulted. The stripers were running and we took home some keepers. Next time I’ll take my dad. Thanks Jack

Dan B.

Wakefield, MA

We had limited options and the fishing was below average. Not a good forecast on either front for our little family gathering of sorts.

On board for this trip were my younger brother Joe and sister Judi.  All three of us had fished with my father 40 years ago. The fishing then was limited to lake fishing, where dad had a better handle on the fishing problems that we got ourselves into. It’s not like he could take the three of us to the Battenkill River for the day- he’d spend all of his time getting out our snags and setting up our rods. But we did fish the surrounding lakes with regularity. Soon thereafter I would venture off on my own and I really don’t know how often dad fished with Joe and Judi. But it’s a pretty safe statement that we haven’t fished together in over 40 years.

We were fishing as guest of Capt. Jack Golini owner of Jack Charters LLC We had to drive to Newburyport, MA and spend the night in the hotel. We all shared one room, with two beds. The hotel wouldn’t let us put a cot in the room so we decided to put the two beds together and the three of us would share two beds.

It’s been over 40 years since we’ve fished together but it’s been forever since we’ve all slept together Brother Joe got in the middle, or the fault line, and Judi and I hugged the edges. It was different, but it was fun. We immediately resorted to our traditional nickname calling, and we even came up with a few new ones.

Joe was never known for his affection for water, and my father had dubbed him the “dry swimmer” a long time ago. Judi and I couldn’t resist tormenting Joe with horror stories of fisherman who had died, etc. We even told him that Capt. Jack had patched all the holes in his boat and that he had just gotten his license re-installed. Joe swore that he wasn’t getting on that boat, no matter what.


Captain Jack Golini is a roofing contractor by trade, and a charter boat captain at heart. He pilots a 16 foot V23 Black Lab Marine Plate Alloy Boat. It’s an all metal boat that he also uses for his winter duck hunts.

We were to meet Capt. Jack at the dock at 4:30am, and early start for sure. But it started earlier when Joe got us up at 2:30 because he couldn’t find the light in the bathroom, but he did find all the overhead lights for the room itself.


After a quick safety talk from Capt. Jack (which didn’t thrill my brother Joe one bit), we were off and Capt. Jack glided us into position under very cloudy skies.

It didn’t take long and your truly whacked the first fish of the day, (did you expect otherwise), a keeper too. Spirits went from gloomy to a round of high fives and knuckle banging.

A few moments later and Judi had a nice striper in the boat too. A couple more hookups and a few more fish and things were rockin’ in Capt. Jack’s boat.

But Joe still hadn’t caught a fish. One of us got into one and Joe landed it, but he wanted a “natural”, as he called it- to catch one from start to finish.

The morning went on and the tide rolled in and our method of twitching sluggos along the bottom had dried up. Capt. Jack suggested that we start trolling them instead, so he rigged us up, and two rods we set up in the back of the boat.


We were running out of time and Joe was almost out of enthusiasm, when he decided to pick up one of the rods. A second later he yelled “fish on”, or something like that anyway, and the fight was about to unfold. Three times Joe went around the boat fighting that fish., and every time around Judi and I would say something encouraging like, “it’s getting closer”. Or something obnoxious like, “be one with the fish”.

I couldn’t see the fish because I was trying to stay out of the way but I knew it was a big one when I saw Capt. Jack’s reaction when he first saw it.

There was no messing around with this fish- Capt. Jack wanted this cow into the boat and he got it there. When all was said and done, the fish measured in at 45” and weighed 33 pounds!

It took ten minutes for Joes’ heart rate to come back down, and even longer for the smile to disappear from his and Capt. Jack’s faces.

“That’s why I do this,: Capt. Jack whispered to me. “Look at him, he’s still shaking. It gives me a thrill to see what landing a big fish does to people, “he added.

Amen to that Capt. Jack.

David Willette is a free-lance outdoor writer who lives in Western Massachusetts. His book “Coyote Wars” is available at You can contact him at

Dave Willette

Merrimack River Family Fun

Jack… Thanks so much for your patience, dedication, and skills in hooking us up to a giant bluefin tuna. A stunning sunrise set the stage for a moment in Nature that I’ll never forget. Presentation was everything and it was like hooking up to a run-away train. An absolutely awesome battle with one of the oceans greatest game fish. Looking forward to another charter next year.

Paul S.

Loudon, NH

Captain Jack, Just wanted to thank you for another great day of stripper fishing! You always know where the lunkers are! We had a fish fry feast back at Murph’s house. Great times as always. Look forward to next year!

Ed D.

Peabody, MA

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